Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sacrifice is Synomomous with Gratitude

When we sacrifice or give we show gratitude for that thing, i.e., a soldier that server our country show gratitude for the freedom we enjoy. A person who works as a volunteer at a shelter is showing gratitude for the food, clothes, and shelter they have.

Many people give advice because they are grateful for apiece of advice they once received. ( Some are busy bodies, too.)

There are those that consume constantly and complain about what they have been given, or it is never enough, they expect to be provided for.

I think of the story my mother-in-law tells when her family was on the verge of losing their home, President Roosevelt said that no WWI veteran should loose there home. They were help and arrangements were made so her father could keep his house. She expresses the gratitude she felt for this. She has spent her life trying to help others, I believe this is a sign of her gratitude for what she has, and how she has been blessed.

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